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Destination information in itself isn't a competitive advantage

High-quality destination storytelling? That's another story.


Because most destinations across the globe do some form of destination storytelling.

Storytelling about your destination is just competitive parity. On the other hand, telling high-quality destination stories that travelers actually want to read, emotionally experience, find meaningful, and share with others, that’s a competitive advantage. This is the only kind of destination storytelling we do. We call these powerful stories, Signature Destination Stories.

Signature Destination Stories

The solution you've been looking for.

In contrast to destination stories that are informational and trendy, Signature Destination Stories are strategic assets. Their value isn’t just in the traveler awareness, emotional experience, or productive action they can create, but it’s also in their power to support and frame your promotional communications—to unite, shape and drive—all your destination's other marketing storytelling and sales messaging so you stand out from the competition.


Making Signature Destination Stories.

We combine a bottom-up research approach that sleuth out the hidden stories of your destination’s people, communities, history, art, culture, and events. Then, this material is placed in the hands of award-winning creatives with master storytelling skills, (writing, video, photography), who animate the entire production process and bring your destination’s Signature Story to life. All of this occurs under the insight, experience, and quality control oversight of SMG Consulting in collaboration with you and your stakeholders.


Our out-of-the-box Destination Storytellers

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Writer and Filmmaker

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